Welcome to our mattress recycling initiative! Initiated by Recyc-Mattress, We're on a mission to promote responsible disposal and recycling of mattresses for a greener future. Join us in taking action to protect our environment by ensuring mattresses are recycled properly. Together, we can make a positive impact. #Mindyourmattress
What are we are about
Often, when speaking to clients, we will hear “I had no idea that mattress recycling existed!”.

Even, our potential and new employees are unaware of the existence of this industry. This is where the team at Recyc-Mattress comes into play. We decided to launch an advocacy website in the interest of bringing awareness about mattress, box spring and futon recycling.

Only a handful of municipalities throughout Canada have current procedures in place to properly recycle old mattresses. There are millions of other mattresses dumped in landfills every year. Millions of mattresses that can be recycled, and put towards a better future for our society, our planet, and all of us together.

Our municipalities can and should have proper recycling procedures in place to help reduce the number of mattresses sent to landfill each year. Let’s work together to increase awareness of this issue, point out the problem to our provincial governments and help reduce the number of mattresses that go unrecycled.

Together we can make a difference! One mattress at a time!


Do you want more information on mattress recycling, our advocacy group or want to get involved? Get in touch with us.


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